Day trip to Ait ben hadou the heritage UNESCO Kasbah and the amazing berber city Ouarzazate :

-- 190 from Marrakech and crossing of the high mountains of the atlas by the col of tichka through a landscape was breathtaking found the Kasbah of Ait ben haddou , a complex of clay and stone surrounded by walls with giant doors, inside there are servel homes and buildings beautifully done. This complex in one of the most beautiful places in southern of morocco, declared word heritage by UNESCO.
The beauty of this region is certainly regarded by films producers who have done several shoots which was the last GLADIATOR. The films are set up for people in the Kasbah one source of income for the most essential work; they perform as extras in various movies.
In this area between the mountains of the atlas and Sahara desert, we can find several Kasbahs forming small Berber villages .

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